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EPA must not approve palm oil!

An adult male orangutan is captured for re-release after it’s home forest has quickly been cleared for palm oil plantations in Tripa, Aceh Province, 18 April 2012. The Tripa Peatswamp forest supports the highest density of Sumatran Orangutans anywhere on earth, but are still being cleared by palm oil companies who think they are beyond the reach of the law, the situation is urgent and requires action according to Dr Ian Singelton, Director of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program. Photo: Paul Hilton


The rainforests are the lungs of our planet and must be protected. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently determined that palm oil should not be included in the Renewable Fuel Standard, because palm oil causes the most pollution due to the clearing and burning dense rainforests, many of them on carbon-rich peatland, for oil palm plantations.

The palm oil industry is vigorously attacking EPA’s conclusion, alleging it’s based on inaccurate assumptions and data. It doesn’t want it used to disqualify palm oil-based fuels from the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS).

The industry has hired lobbying companies like Holland & Knight to overturn EPA’s preliminary finding that palm-based biofuels don’t meet the greenhouse gas standards of the federal renewable auto fuels mandate.

Indonesia is the world’s biggest palm oil producer. The widespread deforestation for new plantations has made Indonesia the world’s third biggest global warming polluter and has led to the killing of endangered species like orang utans.

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Next week an EPA delegation will visit a palm oil plantation on Sumatra island and then meet the Indonesian agriculture minister, Gamal Nasir. Regarding this visit, it is extremely important to make the EPA aware of the environmental hazards caused by the cultivation of palm oil.

Please tell the EPA to stand by their decision that palm-based biofuels don’t meet the greenhouse gas standards of the federal renewable auto fuels mandate!


Withdrawal of Kalista’s Permit: First time In The History of Aceh

Senin, 24 September 2012 14:30 WIB

MURDANI ABDULLAH | Free translation by Adji Darsoyo

BANDA  ACEH – Head of the Legal and PR Office of the Aceh Regional Secretariat, Makmur Ibrahim, said that the plan to withdraw Klaista Alam’s permit by the Government of Aceh under Zaini Abdullah is the first within the whole history of Aceh. This is considered important and to show high commitment of the current Government of Aceh to protect forest conservation, especially in Tripa Peat Swamp. “This is the first in the history of the Government of Aceh,” said Makmur on Monday, September 24, 2012. Makmur continued that being staff  member he is ready to implement the Governor’s instruction and will immediately process the plan. He hopes that this will be accepted by all parties in Aceh. As reported earlier, the Governor of Aceh, Zaini Abdullah, requested the head of BP2T on Monday September 24, 2012  to immediately prepare a draft for the revocation of Kalista Alam’s permit, which relates to the recently announced decision of the Administrative High Court of Medan. The Governor of Aceh, through the Head of Legal and PR Office, Makmur Ibrahim, also said that this decision of the Administrative High Court of Medan is final. “We wait for the draft of the revocation from BP2T. If this can be process within 2 days, then we will also withdraw in 2 days,” said Makmur.

Lets get tweeting!

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Dear everyone,

Over the past weeks you have helped us gather more than 3500 signatures at and it has prompted authorities to take action to #savetripa. Fires are still raging, drainage canals are still operating on behalf of the companies to drain the life of Tripa peat swamp, slowly and steadily killing the remaining forest and making the peat susceptible to fires. This must be stopped, all companies should receive order to halt all activities and those drainage canals must be blocked. All concession must be revoked and Tripa should be rehabilitated and restored.

Your support have made the difference and push the authorities to take action, now we need to remind them that a short overflight over Tripa is not enough to solve the problem. Tweet them and tell them what you want them to do.

Rainforest Action Network is helping us with twitter and facebook message to spread, tweet these and post them on facebook. Send them loud and clear message that we want Tripa restored and rehabilitated. Make #savetripa a trending topic on twitter!

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PHOTO: #Indonesia Prez: “#Forests management requires a reinvention of societies.” But #orangutans are dying now #SaveTripa via @RAN & @endoftheicons

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In June, Indonesian President SBY declared that forest management “will require a fundamental reinvention and reorganization of societies throughout the world.” Meanwhile, over the last 2 months, clearing of the Tripa rainforest for palm oil plantations continues with 86 illegal fire hotspots. Send President SBY a message right now asking him to save Tripa

Critically endangered Sumatran orangutans are hovering on the edge of extinction because of the illegal fires raging through Tripa rainforest. Palm oil companies have deforested so much of the habitat orangutans depend on for survival, they literally have nowhere left to go. Help us prevent orangutan extinction.
Photo: RAN

Tell Investigation team from Department of Environment we support the investigation, and we want them to investigate all companies operating in Tripa (PT. Kallista Alam, PT. Surya Panen Subur 2, PT. Cemerlang Abadi, PT. Dua Perkasa Lestari dan PT. Gelora Sawita Makmur) and call for restoration of the whole of Tripa!

Thanks @humasKLH for investigating SPS2 & KA, but we want all the permits revoked & the whole of Tripa restored! #savetripa

REDD+ Task Force has received more than 15,000 emails in total and has been pushing for PT. Kallista Alam and PT. SPS 2 to be investigated and their permits to be revoked. However, peat swamp is one connected ecosystem, we need the whole of Tripa restored, and for that to happen we need all the companies investigated and their permit revoked!

@SatgasREDD thanks for your work so far,but we want all the destructive activities to stop & tripa restored #savetripa

President SBY was talking about the “Future we want” and how “deforestation is the thing of the past” yet Tripa peatswamp continues to drained and burned. We want him to order immediate halt on all destructive activities in Tripa, save the remaining forest and restore the rest.

Dear President @soesilobambang order immediate halt on all destructive activities in Tripa! Restore and #savetripa

Dear President @presidentSBY order immediate halt on all destructive activities in Tripa! Restore and #savetripa

The Minister of Forestry Zulkifli Hasan is responsible on deciding for what forests to stays and what forests get cut down by whom. He have stated that he wants Tripa restored and rehabilitated, but destruction still continues! Remind him again that problem is not yet solved!

Dear @zul_hasan you have to make sure all destructive activities in Tripa halted & the peatswamp restored! #savetripa

Agus Purnomo is the Chairman of National Council of Climate Change, Tripa peatswamp destruction is a climate disaster, burning and drying of peat through the drainage canals emits thousands tons of carbon to the atmosphere. These palm oil companies are undermining Indonesian government efforts to reduce emissions. Tell them to stop!

@AgusPurnomo order immediate halt on all destructive activities in Tripa! Demand for the canals to be blocked! #savetripa

UNDP and UN-REDD oversee the financial flow of Norway REDD+ funds to Indonesia, tell them about what had happened in Tripa and we want the Tripa peat swamp rehabilitated and restored!

@UNDP ensure the laws are being enforced & moratorium respected #savetripa

@unredd ensure the laws are being enforced & moratorium respected #savetripa

Executive director of UNEP was with SBY during Rio 20+ meeting as Indonesia President delivering sweet words on Indonesia achievement to reduce deforestation and picturing the “Future We Want”. In addition to that, GRASP UNEP has designated Tripa as priority site for great apes conservation. GRASP patron has historically support this campaign and request SBY to save tripa. Tell them the truth, laws still need to be enforced in Tripa!

@UNEP ensure the laws are being enforced and moratorium respected #savetripa

@graspunep ensure the laws are being enforced! priority site for great apes conservation should be restored & rehabilitated! #savetripa

Zaini Abdullah and Muzakir Manaf is the newly inaugurated governor and vice governor of Aceh, they have the authority to revoked permits of ALL plantations in Tripa. Tell them we want all the permits in Tripa to be revoked and Tripa to be restored to its original state.

@zaini_abdullah order immediate halt on operation & revoke all palm oil plantation permits in Tripa, restore & #savetripa

@MuzakirManaf order immediate halt on operation & revoke all palm oil plantation permits in Tripa, restore & #savetripa

Ayo tweet pesan kita!

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Selama beberapa minggu terakhir Anda telah membantu kami mengumpulkan lebih dari 3500 tanda tangan di dan telah mendorong pemerintah untuk mengambil tindakan untuk melakukan upaya penyelamatan Rawa Tripa. Kebakaran masih terus terjadi, kanal-kanal drainase masih terus beroperasi atas nama perusahaan untuk mengeringkan Rawa Gambut Tripa, secara perlahan tapi pasti membunuh hutan yang tersisa dan membuat gambut semakin rentan terhadap kebakaran. Ini harus dihentikan, semua perusahaan harus menghentikan semua kegiatan dan kanal-kanal drainase ini harus ditutup. Semua konsesi harus dicabut dan Rawa Tripa harus segera direhabilitasi dan dipulihkan. Sebelum semuanya terlambat

Dukungan Anda telah membuat perbedaan dan mendorong pihak berwenang untuk mengambil tindakan, sekarang kita perlu mengingatkan mereka bahwa kunjungan singkat ke Tripa tidak cukup untuk memecahkan masalah. Twit mereka dan beritahu mereka apa yang Anda ingin mereka lakukan.

Rainforest Action Network telah membantu kami melalui twitter dan facebook untuk menyebarkan pesan penyelamatan Rawa Tripa. Twit pesan ini dan bagikan melalui facebook. Kirim mereka pesan yang keras dan jelas bahwa kita ingin Rawa Tripa dipulihkan dan direhabilitasi. Buat # savetripa trending topic di twitter!

berbagi di twitter

FOTO: #Indonesia Prez: “Manajemen #hutan memerlukan suatu penciptaan kembali masyarakat.” Tapi  #orangutan sekarat sekarang #SaveTripa via @RAN & @endoftheicons

posting foto ini di facebook

Pada bulan Juni, Bahasa Indonesia Presiden SBY menyatakan bahwa pengelolaan hutan “akan memerlukan penciptaan kembali dan reorganisasi masyarakat di seluruh dunia. Dasar” Sementara itu, selama 2 bulan terakhir, kliring dari hutan hujan Tripa untuk perkebunan kelapa sawit terus dengan 86 titik api ilegal. Presiden SBY Kirim pesan sekarang memintanya untuk menyelamatkan Tripa

Orangutan Sumatera kini terancam punah. Bergantung di tepi tebing kepunahan karena kebakaran hutan di Tripa menghabiskan habitat mereka. Perusahaan-perusahaan kelapa sawit telah menggunduli begitu banyak habitat orangutan, ekosistem dimana mereka bergantung untuk bertahan hidup. Bantu kami mencegah kepunahan orangutan.
Foto: RAN

Sampaikan kepada tim investigasi dari Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup, kita mendukung penyidikan dan kita ingin mereka untuk melakukan penyidikan terhadap seluruh perusahaan yang beroperasi di Tripa (PT. Kallista Alam, PT. Surya Panen Subur 2, PT. Cemerlang Abadi, PT. Dua Perkasa Lestari dan PT. Gelora Sawita Makmur) serta menghimbau untuk merestorasi keseluruhan kawasan Tripa!

Terima kasih @humasKLH untuk penyidikan terhadap SPS2 & KA, tapi kami menginginkan pencabutan seluruh perizinan & restorasi seluruh wilayah Tripa! #savetripa

SatGas REDD+ telah menerima lebih dari 15,000 email dan telah mendesak untuk dilakukannya penyidikan tergadap PT. Kallista Alam dan PT. SPS 2 serta agar izin-izin mereka dicabut. Namun, rawa gamut merupakan satu ekosistem yang saling berhubungan sehingga harus direstorasi secara keseluruhan dan untuk itu dibutuhkan investigasi yang menyeluruh terhadap perusahaan-perusahaan serta pencabutan izin-izinnya!

@SatgasREDD terima kasih atas upayanya sejauh ini, tapi kami menuntut agar seluruh aktivitas yang merusak dihentikan & Tripa direstorasi #savetripa

Presiden SBY berbicara mengenai “masa depan yang kita inginkan” dan bagaimana “deforestasi merupakan masa lalu” tapi rawa Tripa terus dikeringkan dan dibakar. Kami ingin agar SBY segera menghentikan seluruh aktivitas yang merusak di Tripa, menyelamatkan hutan dan merestorasi yang tersisa.

Presiden @soesilobambang instruksikan penghentian seluruh kegiatan yang merusak di Tripa! Pulihkan & #savetripa

@presidentSBY instruksikan penghentian seluruh kegiatan yang merusak di Tripa! Pulihkan & #savetripa

Menteri Kehutanan Zulkifli Hasan bertanggung jawab atas keputusan terhadap hutan mana yang dipertahankan dan hutan mana yang boleh ditebang dan siapa yang melakukan penebangan. Beliau menyatakan keinginan untuk memulihkan dan merehabilitasi Tripa, tapi perusakan terus berlanjut! Ingatkan beliau bahwa permasalahan ini belum ada solusinya!

@zul_hasan, pastikan bahwa seluruh kegiatan yang merusak di Tripa dihentikan dan rawa gambut direstorasi! #savetripa

Agus Purnomo adalah Ketua Dewan Perubahan Iklim Nasional. Pengrusakan rawa gambut Tripa merupakan bencana terhadap iklim, pembakaran dan pengeringan gambut dengan kanal drainase menyebabkan pelepasan ribuan ton emisi karbon ke atmosfer. Perusahaan sawit tersebut mengangkangi upaya pemerintah Indonesia untuk pengurangan emisi. Perintahkan mereka untuk berhenti!

@AgusPurnomo segera perintahkan penghentian seluruh kegiatan yang merusak Rawa Tripa dan tutup semua kanal drainase!  #savetripa

UNDP dan UN-REDD mengawasi arus keuangan dari dana REDD+ Norwegia untuk Indonesia. Sampaikan kepada mereka apa yang terjadi di Tripa dan kita ingin Rawa Gambut Tripa direhabilitasi dan direstorasi!

@UNDP pastikan penegakan hukum dan terlaksananya moratorium #savetripa

@unredd pastikan penegakan hukum dan terlaksananya moratorium #savetripa

Direktur Eksekutif UNEP bersama dengan SBY dalam pertemuan Rio 20+ ketika SBY menyampaikan pidato manis mengenai capaian Indonesia dalam menekan laju deforestasi serta menggambarkan “Masa Depan Yang Kita Idamkan”. Selain itu, GRASP UNEP telah menetapkan Tripa sebagai kawasan prioritas untuk pelestarian kera besar. GRASP patron telah mendukung kampanye ini sejak awal dan meminta SBY untuk menyelamatkan Tripa. Sampaikan kenyataan yang sesungguhnya bahwa hukum masih harus ditegakkan di Tripa!

@UNEP pastikan hukum ditegakkan dan moratorium dilaksanakan #savetripa

@graspunep pastikan hukum ditegakkan dan kawasan prioritas pelestarian kera besar direstorasi dan direhabilitasi! #savetripa

Zaini Abdullah dan Muzakir Manaf adalah Gubernur dan Wakil Gubernur Aceh yang baru saja dilantik. Mereka memiliki kewenangan penuh untuk mencabut izin SELURUH perkebunan di Tripa. Sampaikan bahwa kita ingin seluruh perizinan di Tripa dicabut dan Tripa direstorasi ke kondisi semula.

@zaini_abdullah perintahkan perusahaan untuk berhenti beroperasi & cabut semua izin sawit di Tripa! Restorasi & #savetripa

@MuzakirManaf perintahkan perusahaan untuk berhenti beroperasi & cabut semua izin sawit di Tripa! Restorasi & #savetripa


calling on Indonesian President SBY to:


Thursday 26th April – Location: Worldwide

Take a photo with you and your friends in front of your local landmark
holding a sign with a message to Indonesian President SBY calling on
him to Enforce the law & save the Sumatran Orangutans and Peat Forests
of Tripa and add your support to all the messages around the world
calling for action not words to save Tripa.

Please register your interest by emailing for
a full information pack.


GRASP Patrons Ask Indonesian President to Intervene to Save Orangutans

GRASP Patrons Ask Indonesian President to Intervene to Save Orangutans

Nairobi, April 13, 2012 – Characterizing Indonesia’s biodiversity as under “extreme threat,” the patrons of the Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP) – Jane Goodall, Richard Leakey, Richard Wrangham and Russell Mittermeier – today sent a letter to the President of Indonesia asking him to halt the destruction currently underway in Sumatra and enforce laws that protect orangutans and their habitat.

The letter was sent to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in response to man-made fires in the Leuser Ecosystem that were set to clear rainforest for oil palm plantations through allegedly illegal permits.

To read the letter, click here.

Experts fear that as many as 300 orangutans could perish in the fires. The Sumatran orangutan is classified as critically endangered, and no more than 6,300 are believed to exist in the wild.

The fires have also damaged the region’s ecosystem. A 2011 report issued by GRASP and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) called the Leuser Ecosystem as an “incredibly important area for conservation.”

The GRASP patrons, widely recognized as leaders in great ape conservation and research, have asked that President Yudhoyono suspend all agricultural activity in the region, enforce laws protecting orangutans and their habitat, and uphold commitments made through the Kinshasa Declaration on Great Apes.

GRASP, a unique alliance comprised of member nations, conservation organizations, United Nations agencies, and private supporters, was created in 2001 to protect great apes and their habitat in Africa and Asia.

For more information, please visit or contact

Orangutan Fate is Ours