URGENT CALL FOR ACTION – 4 day “fax-a-thon” to save beyond 1.2 million hectares of forest in Aceh Province, Sumatra

Aceh is preparing to open over 1, 2 million hectares of protected forest to make way for mining, plantations, roads, logging and palm oil expansion. Its the equivalent of forest 17 times the size of Singapore, yet the Aceh government is currently fast-tracking new law for the spatial plan, and this new spatial plan will legitimize the disaster of destroying the last of Sumatra’s great forests, and laying the final blow to the Sumatran Rhinos, Elephants, Orangutans and Tigers once roaming Sumatran forest to become something only found in Zoos or history books.

The chairman of Aceh Parliament spatial planning committee, Tgk. Anwar recently told the Sydney Morning Herald that the proposed plan would reduce Aceh total forest cover from its existing coverage of 68% of Aceh total land area to merely 45%, representing the destruction of around 1,2 million hectare, including the entire Tripa Peat Swamp Swamp, major parts of Leuser Ecosystem which is also protected under National Spatial Planning Law 26/2007 juncto Government Regulation 26/2008, and areas within the UNESCO World Heritage Tropical Forests of Sumatra.

This planned destruction is the result of a ‘perfect storm’ of planning failures. Firstly, the end of the ‘Norway Moratorium’ protecting Primary Forest and Peat Swamp, secondly the cancellation of ‘Moratorium on logging’ initiated by former governor Irwandi.

Tgk. Anwar, in his interview with the Sydney Morning Herald on Jan 15, 2013 have stated “The nature of the logging moratorium is that its temporary, so it can be revoked anytime” – validating the destructive path Aceh government is going to take on its forest protection. The two events (end of Norway Moratorium and Moratorium on logging), combined with huge reduction in forest protection designation, meaning forest area previously protected for their natural ecological services, such as preventing landslides and mitigating floods, will now be opened for massive land clearing to make way for mining, plantations, roads, logging and palm oil expansion.

The academic advisor for Aceh Governor, Dr. Irfan, has stated in the Sydney Morning Herald on Jan 15, 2013 that with the new spatial plan, “there will be more areas given for the people”. Alarmingly, areas that are proposed for ‘community plantation and settlement’ are areas currently protected with the status of wildlife corridors. This means, community are being sacrificed and human-wildlife conflict will happen more frequently at escalating scale. At the same time, it also means that the iconic megfauna of Sumatra, including Tigers, Elephant, Rhinos and Orangutan will be pushed closer to extinction.

We are asking YOU, to voice this concern to the Governor of Aceh Zaini Abdullah and the Vice Governor of Aceh Muzakkir Manaf to reconsider pushing such destruction onto their province, and also to ask the donor representatives of the world, who have invested so much already to the protection of Aceh forest, to assist with the funding and technical support for the Aceh government to revisit and revise this potential disaster. European Union has expressed interest to assist Aceh to keep protecting its forest, let them know you care too!

Attached below is downloadable .pdf file that needs your personal or organizational signature, please print, sign and fax this document to these numbers:


Indonesian Government:

Governor of Aceh: +62-651-7553048

Presidential Working Unit for Supervision and Control of Development: +62-21-2314147

Anti Corruption Commission: +62-21-5290 5592

Key International Embassy:

Embassy of Sweden : +62-21-5762691

Embassy of Norway : +62-21-5761537 or Fax: + 62-21-2965 0001

Embassy of Denmark : +62-21-5761535

Embassy of Finland : +62-21-5761631 or Fax: +62-361-287242

UNESCO: +33-1-45 68 55 70

Important Notes/update:

We have seen and heard the comments from the good folks who have tried to fax but had problems. What we’ve found is two of the numbers to the Governors office remained problematic, but the one left worked each time.

The embassy fax numbers didn’t work everytime, but did sometimes. We’ve unable to explain why sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. But we do know the embassy team is one of our strongest allies at the moment, and every fax they get strenghtens their argument next time they meet with the Governernor that he needs to stop the spatial plan, and review the advisors he has to start the process again to ensure the protected areas get full protection!

External Links:

Indonesian governor proposes opening protected areas to logging – Mongabay, 12 Feb 2013

Extinction risk as Aceh opens forests for logging – Sydney Morning Herald, 15 Jan 2013

Uni Eropa dukung perlindungan hutan aceh – Hukumonline, 08 Mar 2013

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About endoftheicons

The Leuser Ecosystem on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia is in grave danger. Local politicians want to allow logging, mining and palm oil plantations in this vulnerable area. Sumatran orangutans, rhinos, elephants and tigers are already hanging on by a thread. They will not survive the destruction of the Leuser Ecosystem.

35 responses to “URGENT CALL FOR ACTION – 4 day “fax-a-thon” to save beyond 1.2 million hectares of forest in Aceh Province, Sumatra”

  1. Jacqueline says :

    Any chance of email addresses?

    • endoftheicons says :

      Unfortunately our governor is rather old school and his email address is managed by his advisor, we are afraid at this stage emails will not reach him. Your fax worth thousand emails. Please fax the governor your concern, so he know the rest of the world is watching and he cannot ignore these concern. Aceh have received so much help from the global citizen throughout the time of disaster and difficulties, and current government has no right to turn their back to their community and to the global citizen who have extend their hands in the past.

    • Love Animals says :

      What about a regular online petition! This is too cumersome!!! People do not have the time to wait or keep trying for it to go through.

    • Alex Bardsley says :

      Here’s the governor’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/GUBERNUR-ACEH/245394489736

    • Alex Bardsley says :

      Here’s the website for the Indonesian anti-corruption commission: http://www.kpk.go.id/id/

      “Kontak kami” at the top right means “contact us”.

  2. Ainsley says :

    Guys the fax form doesn’t work. It just keeps bringing me back to this page – please fix asap as you’re probably losing people…..

  3. Maria says :

    Would it be worthwhile to include the fax number to the Indonesian Ambassador to the UN, to vastly increase the number of people who will send a fax in-country but not to Indonesia, due to cost? A lot of people are on very tight budgets…

    Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations
    325 East 38th Street, New York, NY, 10016 USA
    Tel: +1-212-972-8333
    Fax: +1-212-972-9780
    eMail: ptri@indonesiamission-ny.org

  4. marion says :

    I care….

  5. stuart whittaker says :

    if you wish people to do this then give them the correct phone no s

    • endoftheicons says :

      To the extend of our knowledge the fax number is correct, however we will double check and update this information page. Thank you for your support! please dont give up, your fax worth thousands email.

  6. Melisse Clark says :

    This is GROSSLY selfish, heartless and irresponsible. The government that reverses these plans will forever be seen as World Heroes and champions for well-loved vulnerable species.

    PLEASE – spend some government money in finding alternatives

  7. Sonya julia says :

    Please stop the extinction of the beautiful orangutan and leave the swamps how they are meant to be, Sonya

  8. calamity04 says :

    … until nothing is left … please stop now … it’s totally unecessary … Xxx

  9. louise says :

    PLEASE……SAVE the FOREST…..It is vital for every one,s Survival!! ~L

  10. lucy cuss says :

    youre campaigning to save a forest by asking everyone to send a fax will waste one maybe 2 sheets of paper??

    • endoftheicons says :

      Fair point, and something we considered. We are hoping that 50 faxes might get sent, this will achieve the goal of making the governor aware he has global support. We not seeking to inundate his office with thousands of faxes, but just 50 would do the job. Now Lucy, 50 faxes x 2 piece of paper = 1.2 million hectares of forest and the last of the Rhinos, Tigers, Elephants, Orangutans and Clouded Leopards?

      ps. if you dont have a fax machine try http://www.efax.com or the mobile app – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.j2.efax

  11. Evan says :

    Why not try an avaaz or care 2 petition? You will get 10’s of thousands of people to sign. Got to be worth something??

    • endoftheicons says :

      A brilliant idea and something that will follow the fax-a-thon, right now, we gently trying to highlight to the governor the credibility of his advisors without causing direct offense. To be successful, we are going to need the governor on our side, and we have reasons to believe that there is much political trickery that is taking place. He is not necessarily a bad guy. Petition coming soon, in the mean time, please send a fax.

      Online fax service: http://www.efax.com
      mobile app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.j2.efax

    • Joanna Patton says :

      I agree. I haven’t a printer or fax machine anyway. 😦

  12. Bodil Persson says :

    Done, but it wasn’t easy, only the number to the Anticorruption Commission worked…I really hope they will think again and save the forrest, everything else would be a disaster.

  13. Brenda Conlee says :

    “Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life: he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself” How sad to destroy that which is a part of us…..

  14. ana says :

    apoyo esta causa ayuden a detener esta matanza

  15. Jenny says :

    Fax-a-thon done, I hope my fax’s make their way there.

  16. Jen says :

    Fax-a-thons can be very effective. This group is on the ground and they know their government. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to stand with you!

    • endoftheicons says :

      Thank you Jen, we have heard exciting news surfacing from the government office recently. Your support couldnt have been more timely. Thank you.

      ps. we’re posting updates shortly

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