WALHI Aceh Welcomes the Decision of the Administrative Court

WALHI lawyer submit intervention request

WALHI lawyer submit intervention request

WALHI Aceh Welcomes the Decision of the Administrative Court
Judges grant WALHI Aceh’s request as co-defendantBanda Aceh – The panel of judges of the Administrative Court of Banmda Aceh granted WALHI Aceh’s request as co-defendant. During the court session on the lawsuit filed by PT Kalista Alam against Aceh’s Governor last Tuesday (08/01/13) the judges confirmed that WALHI Aceh has enounh reason to be co-defendant. WALHI Aceh welcome the decision.

The panel of judges leading the court for the case number 18/G/PTUN.BNA on the lawsuit of PT Kalista Alam against Aceh’s Governor Decree No. Nomor 525/BP2T/5078/2012 on the withdrawal of Aceh’s Governor Permit No. 525/BP2T/5322/2011 for Plantation Permit of 1,605 ha in Rawa Tripa is chaired by the judge Yusri Arbi SH, MH with two membering judges Eko Priyanto SH and Ade Mirza Kurniawan, SH.

Director of WALHI Aceh, T. Muhammad Zulfikar welcome the decision of the panel of judges. “The decision was right, since there are two reasons ahy WALHI has the right to be co-defendant, firstly because WALHI is an organisation concerned in environmental issues in accordance with the Law No. 32/2009 on the Protection and Management of the Environment, which declares that environmental organisations have the right to filed lawsuit for the sake of environmental preservation functions,” he explained. SEcondly, T. Muhammad Zulfikar told that WALHI Aceh is legitimate to be involved in this legal process, since the decision of Aceh’s Governor to revoke PT Kalista Alam’s permit was based on the decision of Administrative Court of Medan on WALHI Aceh’s appeal.

The court session started at qround 11.00 a.m. with explaination of objections of PT Kalista Alam followed by the announcement of the interim decision granting WALHI Ache’s request. PT Kalista Alam legal representatives consisting of Rebecca, Alfian, Melda and Irianto in their document requested the court to cancel the decision of the Governor of Aceh to revoke the plantation permit of PT Kalista Alam. They requested that the court at least postpone the decision until there is a final decision issued by the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the panel of judges explained the reason to accept WALHI Aceh as co-defendant based on the consideration on the fact that the decision of the Administrative Court of Medan is on the appeal filed by WALHI Aceh based on the decision of the Administrative COurt of Banda Aceh. Therefore, WALHI Aceh’s interest is parallel with the interest of the other defendant.

The team of legal representatives of Aceh’s Governor consisting of Kamaruddin, Amrisaldin, Sabaruddin, Ir. Khaifal and Saifullah remain with their initial exception, which is to decline all points within PT Kalista Alam filed lawsuit.

The panel of judges decided to continue with the trial in two weeks, which will be on Wednesday, January 23, 2014. The judges moved the trial from Tuesday to Wednesday based on large number of crowd attending certain session on Tuesday. []

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