Melanie Subono investigates the destruction of Tripa Peat Swamp


Wednesday, October 3, 2012 16:21 WIB | Free translation by Adji Darsoyo

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Melanie Subono, an artis and environmental activist as well as observer of gender issues, volunteered to join in the investigation of the destruction of Tripa Peat Swamp forest.

“I volunteered to conduct visit and investigation. I would like to eye-witness the destruction so far and to mediate,” said Melanie.

Melanie joins actively the Save Tripa Action through the petition launched by urging the protection of Tripa. Melanie is convinced that the petition leads to big impact and changes.

“I believe in the voice of the community. I believe, everything God created has right to live, including the biodiversity in Tripa Peat Swamp threatened by land conversion,” said Melanie., a leading web platform for social changes has again launched a new petition for the protection of Tripa Peat Swamp on the west coast of Sumatra.

“This petition is the second part of the first petition that has successfully triggered the withdrawal of the permit of PT. Kalista Alam. This time we launch the petition titled Save Tripa Two,” said the Director of, Usman Hamid.

Usman said that this time the petition urged for investigation, arrests and prosecution of the perpetrators of the destruction of Leuser Ecosystem’s peatland declared as National Strategic Area for Environmental Conservation.

Tripa Peat Swamp covers approx. 61,803 ha of peatland, on which 5 companies conduct palm oil cultivation.

One of the palm oil companies is PT Kalista Alam, which permit was revoked by Aceh Governor Zaini Abdullah after the ruling of Administrative High Court of Medan.

The decision of the High Court granted WALHI Aceh’s appeal upon the issuance of the controversial permit by the former Governor of Aceh on August 25, 2011.

Besides legal lawsuit filed by WALHI Aceh, the movement for the protection of Tripa Peat Swamp was also supported by a petition for the protection of Tripa Peat Swamp resulting in 25,000 signatures.

According to Usman, expression of support through petition is important for the prosecution of the perpetrators of the destruction of Tripa Peat Swamp.

He also added that all signed petitions will be sent electronically to the officials in Aceh.
Editor: Desy Saputra


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The Leuser Ecosystem on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia is in grave danger. Local politicians want to allow logging, mining and palm oil plantations in this vulnerable area. Sumatran orangutans, rhinos, elephants and tigers are already hanging on by a thread. They will not survive the destruction of the Leuser Ecosystem.

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