Orangutan Rescue at Weekend Sunrise Australia

Weekend Sunrise Australia

Last weekend Weekend Sunrise Australia aired an episode from NBC Rock Centre  story about destruction of the last remaining Sumatran Orangutan habitat, the Tripa forest of Indonesia, for palm oil plantations.

For those who missed the program last weekend, you can watch the video through the link below. Please share this widely

watch weekend sunrise video here



It is because of you—and the thousands of others who joined you—that the destruction of the Tripa forest first gained an international spotlight.

Your response to our call to action, combined with media coverage about the decimation of what had been the densest population of orangutans left in the world, led the President of Indonesia to dispatch a team of investigators to the scene.

What happened next was historic. In a country with a dismal record of enforcing its own laws when it comes to protecting forests, the investigators declared that the clearing was indeed illegal and the operating permit for the main company responsible was revoked.

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About endoftheicons

Tripa peat swamps, once hosting the largest density of orangutan population in the world are now being exterminated by palm oil company working illegally. The last bits of the peat swamp forest are being smashed and sumatran orangutan are forced towards local extinction. are we witnessing the end of the icons? what are we doing about it?

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