Adopt “Chocolate” the Orangutan

to read more and adopt “Chocolate” please visit or visit

Sunrise Australia

Orangutan refugee camps can be pretty desperate places, with no shortage of agonising stories of suffering and survival – but also of resilience and hope.

Dr Ian Singleton runs a hillside complex near the Indonesian island of Sumatra where 46 of our closest living relatives live.

Among the orangutans are those who have been seizes from animal traders whose parents have most likely been caught and shot.

If you want to help, you can adopt an orangutan like Chocolate or Harry by visiting or the orangutan project

You don’t get to keep them but your donation will help keep them alive.


Rock center NBC story: Demand for Palm Oil used in packaged food products leaves Orangutans at risk

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About endoftheicons

Tripa peat swamps, once hosting the largest density of orangutan population in the world are now being exterminated by palm oil company working illegally. The last bits of the peat swamp forest are being smashed and sumatran orangutan are forced towards local extinction. are we witnessing the end of the icons? what are we doing about it?

2 responses to “Adopt “Chocolate” the Orangutan”

  1. Asha says :

    Graet article guys! SOCP is a great project to donate too!

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