Navicula to campaign for orangutan, tropical rainforest in Canada


Muliarta | The Jakarta Post

The orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus), one of Indonesia’s most endangered species, deserves and requires attention from all parties in the country as they are facing a variety of threats that could lead to their extinction.

Navicula is one of the most concerned groups of young musicians in the country. The grunge rock band is actively launching campaigns to protect and preserve the rare animal through their musical endeavors.

“The orangutan’s habitat in Sumatra and Kalimantan has been gradually destroyed by the expansion of palm oil plantations,” the band’s guitarist, Gede Robi Supriyanto, said.

The massive development of palm oil plantations has also degraded tropical rainforests on both islands.

“Forest destruction is the most crucial environmental issue we are now facing,” he said.

To launch their campaign internationally, the band will perform a song entitled “Orangutan” at the international music festival Envol et Macadam, one of the most prominent annual alternative rock, punk, grunge and metal music festivals in the world, in Quebec, Canada, on Sept. 7 and 8.

Navicula will represent Indonesia at this prestigious festival after winning the Planetrox Indonesia music competition in Bandung last July.

Planetrox is a worldwide music competition, the mission of which is to discover the best new band and expose them to a wider international audience. The Planetrox project is an initiative of Envol et Macadam in collaboration with the city of Quebec.

This year’s Envol et Macadam will be expanding its ties to the rest of the world and will feature bands from 15 countries, including

Established in 1996, Navicula consists of Robi (vocalist and guitarist), Dankie (guitarist), Made (bassist) and Gembull (drummer).

Navicula has released six albums — Self-Portrait (1999), K.U.T.A Keep Unity Through Art (2002), Navicore Neo Rock Club (2003), Alkemis (2005), Beautiful Rebel (2007) and Salto.

Robi hopes the band’s song will arouse people’s awareness on the importance of preserving both the orangutan and the environment.

“Music and songs appeal to young people. They like our songs as they spread our green message,” Robi said.


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Tripa peat swamps, once hosting the largest density of orangutan population in the world are now being exterminated by palm oil company working illegally. The last bits of the peat swamp forest are being smashed and sumatran orangutan are forced towards local extinction. are we witnessing the end of the icons? what are we doing about it?

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